About Cloud 7 IT Consult – The Data Management Specialists

Founded in August 2009, the main target for Cloud 7 IT Consult are the small and medium-sized businesses.

The idea grew out to a recent research that up to 43% of the small and medium-sized businesses do not have a proper backup of their data and also no proper disaster recovery plan.

However, especially one of the most valuable assets of any type of business is the data created. While invoices and other tax-related and important documents are printed out to be kept for the next 7 years, almost any other document ever created in an office will be only saved in an electronic way on a server or maybe even only local on the hard-drive.

Have you ever thought about, “if disaster strikes, what happens next”?

A fire in or a flooding of your office can destroy your computer hardware and the data residing on it. Having a proper backup is vital and can save you a lot of trouble in such a case if it is done on tape and stored in an external place outside the office. However, let’s face it, in reality practically nobody wants to go to the bother of creating an external backup every single day. Let alone the high financial burden connected with it. That is the point where we come into play, helping you with a backup solution that keeps your data save and saves your money.

Cloud 7 IT Consult is specialized in small, easy and cost-effective solutions to back up your data on a daily basis on remote locations to your office, via the internet.

Your Data will be encrypted before leaving your network and stored on a 24/7 highly available infrastructure. It will be readily available the next time you are experiencing either a disaster or you just accidentally deleted a file and need the file to be restored.